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About Balco Group

Since its founding in 1987 in Växjö, Sweden, Balco has grown from a local product-oriented supplier of balconies to a leading market-oriented supplier of glazed balcony solutions. Balco offers customer-adapted and innovative balcony solutions under its own trademark to tenant-owner associations, private landlords, the public housing sector and construction companies. The company is the market leader in the Nordic region with a strong challenger position on other northern European markets.

Balco’s core expertise is supplying glazed balconies and balcony solutions, primarily on the renovation market and to tenant-owner associations, and replacing existing balconies with new glazed balconies according to the Balco method. This method entails many advantages for the customer, such as lower energy costs, an enhanced standard of living, and higher property value. Balco works actively with its successful sales process which entails that the company takes full responsibility and guides the customer throughout the entire construction process, from project planning to completed final inspection and aftermarket service. Balco is one of a handful of complete balcony suppliers with the ability to provide customer-adapted and high-quality balcony solutions regardless of the order size or complexity, with short delivery times.

Since starting up, Balco has expanded to several European countries and maintain sales offices in seven countries. The company has four wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Poland and is a part owner of a Polish strategic subcontractor which, together with the large sales force, constitutes the platform from which Balco supplies balcony solutions to customers throughout northern Europe.

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Geographical overview

Balco is active on the northern European market for balcony solutions, focusing on glazing, which is a niche market in the broader construction market. The balcony market primarily covers renovation of existing balconies and installation of new balconies on existing properties, but also installation of balconies during the new construction of properties.

Balco’s main markets are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In addition to these, Balco is also active in Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany and has also made marketing efforts in Switzerland and Iceland.

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Balco is the leading company on the Nordic balconies market and is the market leader in Sweden and Norway and the second largest company on this market in Denmark.


“The Balco method is not only the best solution from an economic point of view and for the resident’s personal quality of life, but is also sustainable”.

Focus on growth and innovation

Balco is a growth company offering high quality, innovative, patented and energy-saving balcony solutions. The company’s customer-adapted products contribute to improved security and quality of life and an increase in value for residents of multi-family residences. Through a decentralized and efficient sales process, Balco monitors its entire value chain – from production to delivery.

The company, which was founded in Växjö in 1987 and which has over 450 employees, is the market leader in the Nordic region and active on most of the markets in northern Europe. Sales in 2021 amounted to 1,120 MSEK .


The “Renovation” operating segment covers both the replacement and expansion of existing balconies and the installation of new balconies on multi-family residences without balconies.

Balco’s sales in the area consist of glazed balconies for tenant-owner associations. Renovations accounted for 84% of Balco’s sales in 2021 and is Balco’s largest operating segment. Balco’s largest market in the renovation segment is Sweden and the primary driving factor has been the pent-up demand for renovations and the prevailing age profile of the property portfolio.

Balco is the largest company on the Swedish renovation market with a market share of approximately 35%. Balco also believes that it is one of the largest companies in the renovation segment in Norway and Denmark.

In recent years, Balco has increased sales significantly within the segment. The positive trend for net sales is a result of the fact that Balco has taken market shares and created a market during the period by significantly strengthening its sales organization. In other markets, Balco has experienced strong demand as a direct result of more salespeople on location in each country.


New Build

The “New Build” operating segment accounted for 16% of Balco’s net sales in 2021. Balco’s strategy is to engage selectively in projects within the business segment and to focus on profitability and low risk. 

The segment covers installation of balconies in new construction of multi-family residences and is driven by the pace of new home construction. Balco is active in new construction on all markets where the company is represented. Sweden is the company’s largest market. Balco offers its entire range of products in the new construction segment.

Balco is the seventh largest company on the Swedish new construction market with a market share of approximately 5%. Balco has a challenger position on other markets.