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Through innovative solutions and high-quality products sought by the customer, Balco will provide the best balconies on the market.

Balco’s business concept is, while placing the customer at the forefront, to develop modern, sustainable and attractive balcony solutions which improve the quality of life.

Balco is convinced that the combination of an entrepreneurial culture, a high level of innovativeness, a business sense, and a great deal of expertise are the foundations which create value. Balco’s success is based on its employees’ expertise, commitment, enthusiasm and their willingness to go the extra mile to move the company forward. Together with the customer, Balco tailors a complete modern balcony solution, from sketch to installation, which contributes to and enhances quality of life for the end customer. The Company’s sustainable products, developed in-house, create direct customer benefits such as lower costs, enhanced living standard, reduced energy consumption as well as increased property value.





“The Balco method is not only the best solution from an economic point of view and for the resident’s personal quality of life, but is also sustainable”.

Strategy and targets

Balco’s business is focused on supplying glazed balconies and balcony solutions, primarily on the renovation market and to tenant-owner associations, and replacing existing balconies with new glazed balconies according to the “Balco method”. A renovation according to the Balco method entails that existing open balconies are cut down and replaced with Balco’s glazed balcony solutions. The method produces several advantages for the customer, such as the fact that balconies can be made twice as large as existing balconies, that the balcony has a lifecycle of over 90 years, and that all assembly takes place from the outside of the building. The Balco method also shortens the installation time and the total cost to the customer. Balco’s aim is to create a path to potential customers via Balco-trained concrete inspectors, who consider the Balco method to be the best solution for the customer.

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A reliable partner throughout the whole construction process!

Balco works actively with its successful sales process, primarily on its main markets. The process entails that Balco takes full responsibility guiding the customer through the entire construction process, from project planning to completed final inspection and aftermarket service. Balco is one of a handful of complete balcony suppliers with the ability to provide customer-adapted and high quality balcony solutions regardless of the size and complexity of the order, with short delivery times.

In addition to taking advantage of the anticipated growth in the market and utilizing the company’s strong position, Balco’s goal is to continue growing organically by strengthening the company’s position on existing markets, expanding to new geographic markets and new product areas, and carrying out selective acquisitions.

Financial targets, medium term

Growth:Balco shall achieve growth of 10% per year.
Profitability:Earnings per share shall grow by 20 percent per year.
Capital structure:Interest-bearing net debt shall not exceed 2.5 times operating profit before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), other than temporarily. 
Dividend policy:Balco shall distribute 30-50 percent of profit after tax, taking into consideration needs for Balco’s long-term growth and prevailing market conditions. 
Sustainability goals:More than 30 percent of the Group’s sales must be within the EU taxonomy and provide at least 30 percent energy savings for our customers.