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Social Responsibility

We want to create a safe, secure and healthy workplace

Within Balco Group, we measure, create action plans and follow up, among other things, sick leave, accidents and staff turnover.We must be an open and inclusive company where employees thrive, perform and develop regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. That companies within the Group are safe and secure workplaces for both employees and subcontractors is a basic requirement.

We work systematically to eliminate accidents in order to realize our zero vision. Some common high-risk areas are work at high altitudes, heavy crane lifting and work in an environment that is served by trucks. Important efforts to prevent accidents include safe behavior, education and the right aids.The employee interview fulfills an important function in order to identify training needs, set up career paths and find the balance between work and leisure.

Measures & targets

A safe, secure and healthy workplace

Total sickness absence to be no more than 3% and staff turnover should not exceed 6% and accident rate must be zero.

Target fulfilment 2021 2020 2019
Total sickness absence 3.53% 3.20% 2.40%
Employee turnover 8.30% 5.84% 5.90%
Accidents 13.02% 13.76% 13.31%

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We strive to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics and we value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business.

Our credibility and long-term success are based on our business principles, as described in our Code of Conduct. If you raise a suspicion of an action that violates our Code of Conduct, you have an important role to play. It gives us the opportunity to prevent or correct wrongdoing.

If you feel that you cannot be open with your identity, you are welcome to report your suspicions securely through our whistleblowing function. You can report anonymously and there are no reprisals that follow a report. The service is provided by the external provider Nordic Whistle. The service is available around the clock and the report can be made in the local language.

Notifications are handled by external legal representatives of Balco Groups. Access to notifications received via the whistleblowing function is limited. The representatives decide whether and how a notification should be taken further.