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Balco Group was formed in its current form in 2015 and is a group consisting of the five companies Balco AB, Balco Altaner, TBO-Haglinds, Stora Fasad AB and RK Teknik. The Group is the market leader in the Nordic region and operates in a number of markets in northern Europe. The head office is located in Växjö and the group has over 400 employees.

The general and distinctive feature of the companies in the Group is that they control their entire value chain through a decentralized and efficient sales process – from sales work to an assembled balcony.


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Balco innovation och utveckling

“Innovation and development are the basis for Balco’s success”.

From sales work to an assembled balcony.

Balco AB

Balco AB was founded in 1987 by Lars Björkman and the focus of the business from an early stage was mainly on the renovation of balconies for multi-family houses. Today, Balco AB is the market leader in the industry where it develops, manufactures, sells and is responsible for the installation of self-manufactured open and glazed balcony systems.


Balco Altaner

Balco Altaner started as Kontech Altaner and was started by Niels Jensen in the mid-1990s. The focus then as now was on City balconies for the Danish market and mainly Copenhagen’s inner city.



Haglinds Svets AB was founded in 1970 and the main activity during the 70s and 80s was to manufacture wrought iron structures for industry. During the 1980s, TBO AB was also developed in the neighboring town of Köping, a company that carried out renovation and replacement of balconies on apartment buildings. The two companies collaborated more and more closely and merged in 1996 to form TBO-Haglinds AB, then with the brothers Ola and Christer Haglind as owners


RK teknik


RK-Teknik was founded in 1982 by Ragnar Karlsson and initially focused on manufacturing stud screws and castings, which are primary balcony details. In 1991, the business had developed and RK-Teknik manufactured and sold individual details as well as complete balconies. The company continues its growth and is continued by Ragnar’s sons Johan Karlsson, CEO and Kristian Karlsson, construction manager. Today, RT-Teknik has 60 employees and is active throughout Sweden. In 2021, the company was acquired by Balco Group AB.