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Balco AB

Balco AB was founded in 1987 by Lars Björkman and the focus of the business from an early stage was mainly on the renovation of balconies for multi-family houses. Today, Balco AB is the market leader in the industry where it develops, manufactures, sells and is responsible for the installation of self-manufactured open and glazed balcony systems.

Balco AB’s balcony system is used for new production, renovation and addition of balconies. The broad customer base includes tenant-owner associations, municipal housing companies, private property owners, architects, builders and shipping companies. The head office with an associated own production unit is located in Växjö, Småland, and subsidiaries are established in Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. The company currently has 180 employees and the managing director is Camilla Ekdahl.

90 Y
The service life of a glazed standard balcony built according to the Balco method