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RK-Teknik was founded in 1982 by Ragnar Karlsson and initially focused on manufacturing stud screws and castings, which are primary balcony details.

In 1991, the business had developed and RK-Teknik manufactured and sold individual details as well as complete balconies. The number of full-time employees had increased to eight.

In 2011, the business was moved from Leckersbo Gård to premises in central Gusum. From a barn to a balcony factory of about 12,000 sqm, which has since been RK-Teknik’s home. The company continues its growth and is continued by Ragnar’s sons Johan Karlsson, CEO and Kristian Karlsson, construction manager. Today, RT-Teknik has 60 employees and is active throughout Sweden.

RK- Teknik was founded