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Membership and certifications

UN Global Compact

This year, Balco Group has joined the UN Global Compact. The Group thus states it’s clear position on issues relating to human rights, social conditions, environmental responsibility and the right to form trade unions. If we are to achieve the Agenda 2030 goals, it is everyone’s responsibility to get involved and participate. Through UN Global Compact, we will have access to educational material and a large network of players who are involved and make a difference in the most important issue of our time.

Sweden Green Building Council

Sweden Green Building Council is Sweden’s leading member organization for sustainable community-building. As Balco Group is the balcony industry’s largest player, we see great value in being able to take part in the organization’s expertise and to be involved in and influence matters concerning, what we call, “green buildings”. Through certification, education and opinion formation, the Sweden Green Building Council works for a society that benefits both people and the environment. Within SBGC there are experts, companies and organizations from all over the country who all work towards the same goal.

Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner

Certification issued by Nasdaq, which from a societal perspective shows commitment and transparency regarding sustainability issues. We believe that it is important that we, as a public company, make it clear that we are proud of our operations and that we welcome external interest in what we actually do in matters concerning Environment, Social Affairs and Governance of the company.