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Växjö 11 May 2020

A priority area in Balco's sustainability work is the ambition to lower the carbon footprint in the production of a balcony by 20 percent by 2021. This gives a climate-positive effect 5-10 years earlier than today's 30-50 years. Seen over the total life span of the balcony of at least 90 years * is a considerable environmental benefit.

Based on environmental and economic sustainability aspects, Balco has over the past two years analyzed and documented the carbon footprint from the company's products. Some can be attributed to the purchase of components and materials outside Europe. Therefore, the Group has decided that all purchases should be made from suppliers in Europe, as part of reducing transport and obtaining a more secure supply of materials.

Balco is constantly working to improve its operations in accordance with the UN's 17 global sustainability goals. The focus is not only on the environment but also on social and economic sustainability at company level. In order to clarify the focus on sustainability issues in the Group, the Balco Group has appointed Johan Fälth as sustainability manager. Internal work has now been started with the aim of getting sustainability even higher on the agenda.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Fälth, Export and Marketing Director, responsible for sustainability, +46 73-345 61 25, [email protected]

Kenneth Lundahl, President and CEO, +46 70 630 20 57, [email protected]


* Lifetime analysis for materials in Balco's glazed standard balcony carried out by Element Materials Technology on behalf of Balco AB, 2019.