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Balco Group is the market leader in the Nordic region in the attractive and niche balcony market.

Balco Group offers customer-adapted balcony solutions under its own trademark to tenant-owner associations, private landlords, the public housing sector and construction companies, primarily in Sweden, Norway and Denmark which are the company’s primary markets, but also in Germany, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands.

Internationalpresence Internationalpresence
International presence

Balco Group is the market leader on our main markets in Sweden and Norway. The Group also has a strong presence in Denmark and in Finland through the acquisition of Riikku Group Oy. The Group has additional operations in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Growingmarket Growingmarket
A growing market

In 2023, the value of Balco Group's market was estimated at approximately SEK 40 billion, and the market for balcony renovations in our main markets is expected to grow by five per cent per year in the coming years.

Attractiveprofile Attractiveprofile
Attractive financial profile

In an environment with rising interest rates, and higher financial costs as a result, Balco Group stands firm thanks to a sustainable and long-term capital allocation strategy.

Lowesgrisk Lowesgrisk
Low ESG risk

Our focused sustainability work has reduced our ESG risk to low over the past two years according to Sustainanalytics. In the construction sector, we are among the top 10 per cent of companies with the lowest ESG risk.

Morethanbalconies Morethanbalconies
More than balconies

Our balcony offer is complemented by the possibility of additional energy-saving measures such as the installation of solar panels, additional façade insulation, window replacement, roof insulation, and integrated heat pumps.