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Financial Targets

Balco Group’s objective is to increase shareholder value, primarily through net asset value growth.

In order to clarify our strategy the Board of Directors has decided to communicate financial targets. These reflect Balco Group’s evaluation of its balance sheet structure and the return targets on the portfolio companies.


Balco shall achieve growth of 10% per year.

Capital structure

Interest-bearing net debt shall not exceed 2.5 times operating profit before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), other than temporarily.


Earnings per share shall grow by 20 percent per year.

Dividend policy

Balco shall distribute 30-50 percent of profits after tax, taking into consideration needs for Balco’s long-term growth and prevailing market conditions. 

Sustainability target

More than 30 percent of the group’s sales shall be within the EU taxonomy and provide at least 30 percent energy savings to our customers.