Improved ESG rating makes Balco Group a low-risk company


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In recent years, Balco has focused on its sustainability work. The targeted efforts have further improved the group's ESG risk rating. In Sustainalytics' latest valuation of the company, Balco improves its ESG risk rating from 20.8 to 18.7. This means that Balco is now ranked as a low-risk company and is among the 20 percent of all companies in the world with the lowest ESG risk.

In the ESG assessment, the company's efforts in terms of the environment, social responsibility and governance are weighed together. Balco's improved ESG rating is a result of several different activities within the Balco Group in recent years. Among these can be mentioned an investment in sustainable materials, as well as life cycle analyzes that show that the company's glazed balcony system pays back its climate debt already within half of its estimated lifespan. Updated policies, systems for anonymous handling of whistleblowers, as well as investments in training, communication and systematic reporting and follow-up of sustainability goals, are other priority areas that guarantee transparency and strengthen commitment to sustainability issues.

 – We work focused on reducing our ESG risks in all areas: environment (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G). In the environmental area, we continue our work to reduce our environmental impact by, among other things, choosing suppliers who can offer more sustainable materials and improve our waste management, as well as offering more opportunities for our customers to reduce their energy consumption through our offer Green transformation of properties. Within the social sector, we offer a safe and secure work environment and our products provide increased comfort for our customers. In corporate governance, we have clear codes of conduct for employees and suppliers as well as policies on how we manage the business and work for greater equality, says Michael Grindborn, CFO and sustainability officer at Balco Group.

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Camilla Ekdahl, Acting CEO
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Michael Grindborn, CFO, Head of IR and Responsible for Sustainability
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