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We create climate-smart balcony solutions

Sustainability focus – Essential for long-term profitability

In the pandemic’s darkest days, Balco Group took the strategic decision to invest even more in product development. As part of this, a new product section was set up along with improved financing for our customers and an offer to support their transition to “green properties”. All the foregoing contributed not only to Balco’s strong finish in 2021, but also to measures that will have a positive impact on the company for many years to come. 

The long-term sustainability focus resulted in our Sustainalytics’ ESG risk rating improving from 28.6 to 20.8 in 2021. We also chose to become members of Sweden Green Building Council and the UN Global Compact. Additionally, we became a certified Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner.

Balco Group sees sustainability as essential for long-term profitability. For the group and our sustainability management, the vision is an innovative company creating market-demanded products that contribute to higher living standards for our customers.

 To achieve the EU’s climate goals and the objectives in the union’s Green Deal, investment needs to be increasingly directed towards sustainable projects and operations. Our goal is that, over 30 percent of the group’s turnover being within the EU Taxonomy in three years’ time, our customers should be enjoying an at least 30% energy saving.

Kenneth Lundahl, President and CEO

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