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Sustainability focus – Essential for long-term profitability

A lot has happened in the world around us in recent years and more and more people have come to accept the need to change and to focus on sustainability and the green transition. All this shows that the initiatives Balco has taken have been right.

The long-term sustainability focus resulted in our Sustainalytics’ ESG risk rating improving to 20.8 from 28.6 in 2021 and we expect to get below 20.0. We have also chosen to become members of the Sweden Green Building Council and the UN Global Compact. Furthermore, we have become a certified Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner.

The Balco Group has made the strategic decision to invest even more in providing help and support to our customers in their transition to “green properties” through our products and our financing opportunities. Glazing always entails energy savings, but alongside this we can also help out with for example, facade renovation, solar panels, ventilation, roof insulation and replacement of windows, which all contribute to additional savings for our customers.

Sustainability permeates everything we do. Our product developers focus on reducing our climate footprint by using new materials. We have prepared a Code of conduct for our suppliers that forms the basis for the assessments we make of partners and countries. Moreover, we have reinforced our energy expertise, both within the organization and through collaboration with other companies in our various markets.

The Balco Group sees sustainability as essential for long-term profitability. Our goal is that, within three years’ time, more than 30 percent of the group’s sales should provide our customers with energy savings of at least 30 percent.

Balco decided early on to focus on sustainable products and the group has gradually implemented a broad sustainability perspective. With everything we have done and everything we continue to do, we can see that we have made the right decision.

Camilla Ekdahl, Acting CEO

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