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Established on the stock market and stronger than ever

Balco Group is strong despite our troubled world. The basic conditions for our business have even been improved with Pandemin, where homeowners have seen the value in a high-quality balcony. There is a great need for renovation in all our seven markets. New surveys show that the total market is larger than we previously thought, about SEK 35 billion, that it is growing by about five percent per year and is expected to continue to grow at that rate. This, together with an exciting market for new production, means that we breathe great optimism about the future. The survey also shows that Balco Group continues to strengthen its position in all markets, not least in the main market Sweden. In Sweden, we have now strengthened and supplemented our customer offering through the acquisition of Stora Fasad. The Group currently consists of the companies Balco AB, TBO-Haglinds, Balco Altaner, Stora Fasad and RK Teknik.

Ahead of 2021, we are well equipped to deal with the pent-up need for balcony renovations, which comes in the wake of the ongoing Pandemic

Kenneth Lundahl, President and CEO

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