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Sustainable enterprise

A strong foundation for prosperous growth 

The values which influence the governance of the Company is a central part of Balco Group’s overall sustainability work. Our foundations – working long-term, creating recyclable products with high quality and long-life spans – give us the opportunity for strong circular economic growth where we can ensure long-term profitability.

It is important that Balco Group generates a surplus of capital, and we acknowledge that our business has a direct financial impact on a variety of stakeholders through increased property values, direct salary, remuneration or returns.

In our code of conduct, CoC, our attitude and requirements are described on several important issues such as anti-corruption, human rights, whistle-blowers, and ethical rules. For our supply chain, a separate CoC has been developed that each supplier must comply with.

Measures & targets

Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of conduct must be accepted by 100% of designated suppliers and the number of reported and confirmed breaches of the code of conduct must be zero.

Target fulfilment 2022 2021 2020
Acceptance rate 100% 94% -
Confirmed breaches 1 0 0

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