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Settings for cookies 

When you visit a website, normally cookies are placed at you unit to collect information about you, what choices and searches you do and information about the digital unit you are using. The information is mainly used for the functionality of the website. The information collected about you is normally not used to identify you as an individual, but the purpose is to give you a more personalized experience, which includes personally adjusted advertisements and offers provided to you at our website, the websites of third parties and at social platforms. 

Since we respect your integrity, you can choose to only allow certain categories of cookies. We use four categories of cookies. You can accept all cookies or just certain categories. You can handle your settings for consent to the different categories of cookies below. When you accept a category, you approve of all cookies in the category. You can always change your mind and remove cookies from your browser. If you want to know more about which category certain cookies belongs to, for how long the information is stored and who we share the information with, please read our Cookie Policy. Kindly note that blocking some types of cookies might affect your experience of the website and the services we offer you. 

Settings for consent 

Necessary cookies  

These cookies make our website work by activating basic functionalities. Most times, they are only used when you use a function at the website which needs an answer, for example when you set your choices regarding cookies, login to the website and fill out a formulary. These cookies also make it possible to navigate between different pages, set your personal preferences such as language and to give you access to secure areas of the website. These cookies are necessary for the functionality of the website and you cannot dismiss these cookies when you use our website. These cookies do not store any personal or identifiable information. 

Functional cookies 

These cookies help the website to offer you a better functionality and personal adjustments. For example, these cookies are used to remember what choices you have made earlier when using our services (such as language settings and pre-filled out information for logging in). These cookies can be placed by us or by a partner whose services are used at our website. If you do not consent to these cookies, some, or all, of these services might not work correctly. This category can include third-party cookies. 

Cookies for performance 

These cookies allow us to count the number of visits and how you found our website. They help us to know what sites are popular and how visitors navigate at the website, for us to gather statistics and improve how the content is presented at the website. We store information regarding for example what product pages you have visited, what links you click and what region you are located in. In the category “Cookies for marketing purposes, targeted advertising and social media” below, you can choose if you want to give us permission to use these data or not. The information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymized. This category can include third-party cookies. 

Cookies for marketing purposes, targeted advertising, and social media 

These cookies collect data about how our website and your unit are used for the tracing of your online habits and activities. The information is used for customer segmentation in marketing and online advertising. The aim is to communicate and advertise as relevant products and services as possible. Identifiable or unique data can be collected, which allows us to show you relevant/personalized content (profiling). We do not store information which is personal, but information that identifies your browser and unit (IP-address), and we use this information to show you aligned marketing and/or share the information with our partners for the same purpose. We use both first-party cookies and third-party cookies for this category. Partners approved by us places their cookies for advertising via our website- in agreement with us- for us to be able to compare the interests you have shown at our website with the interests you have shown at other websites. 

Cookies for social media allow you to share content at our website via social networks and makes it possible to show you media content, such as for example embedded videos. Some social media platforms also place cookies that can trace your use of the media services and construct a profile from your interests. This can affect the content and messages that you can see at other websites you visit. These cookies are most times configured by our partner by the social media, which means that third-party cookies are used for these functions.